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Our Campaigns

Belle et Benie is on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikToc). 
• Paid Campaign: Daily Skin Care Routine-Un-package and application of our Youth Serum. 

• Paid Campaign: 



The Benefits

Enjoy Amazing Products From Our Exclusive Brands
You'll receive products worth between $100 and $150 - on us!
Earn Paid Campaigns
Participate in our paid Campaigns for a chance to be rewarded as the top performer.
Get Featured
Be seen and heard around the world on our Social Media platforms
Grow Your Audience
If we think your post is the bees knees we will sponsor it and help you to boost it out and reach even more people helping you grow your audience even more!


How it works

Ready to make the leap and join our creators?
• Communicate With Us Directly- You can ask us any questions that you have by simply direct messaging us on Facebook messenger and Instagram and you can apply easily by clicking the link above. 
Sponsored Creator- We may decide to sponsor you as a Belle et Benie content creator if we like your material. If we do, we will send you one of our collections each month for you to give away as prizes to your audience, friends, family or keep for yourself! 
• Let Us Be Part Of Your Story- We want you to be free to tell your story and to include us in your journey. Encourage and inspire 
Creators Corner
Come and hang out with fellow creators and get the latest scoop on what's going on in social media. Create. Share. Connect. That's what we're all here for! 
Add Your Contribution- React to articles you like & find inspiring or informative. Share your suggestions for future articles and even submit them yourself. We love helping creators share their voice.