Our beginning, Your present

The origin story of Belle et Benie

Published August 4th, 2021
By: Brandi Barattini

How did all this get started? Well, its a long story but the short version is we have been growing cannabis for the past decade. Drawn to the power of the plant and it's benefits to people, we have been growing this plant and giving people the option of choosing an alternative to many medications which may have greater side effects. 3 years ago our family decided to invest in the future of hemp with the hope of creating products that might help to relieve many of our everyday ailments. Through our research, coupled with the many classes and seminars that we have attended, we have learned about the wonderful benefits of a variety of plant-based ingredients and the ability that they have to truly transform the way we live our lives.


As we age our needs in life start to change. We have aches that we never had before, we have little lines on our faces that were not there a year ago, we feel anxiety about certain things that we hadn't previously and we start to feel fatigued. While we cannot stop time, we can slow the effects that it has on our everyday health. So with our knowledge of the benefits of the hemp plant and CBD, we wanted to create products that are good for us and to us. During the past year, we have been formulating products using different types of plant-based butters and oils while adding the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. We are using ingredients to help with problems such as aches and pains, sleep, wrinkles, free radicals, dry skin, and inflammation. The ingredients are carefully selected to target specific issues that women care about, making the creams and lotions multi-purposeful because as women we love doing multiple things at once.


We are now starting to unveil the fruits of our labor and we hope that you'll enjoy these products as much as we've enjoyed creating them for you. Our Belle et Benie Body Collection™ is a selection of lotions, creams, and butters that are a must-have for your everyday routine. Feel invigorated with our Awakening face and body lotion with notes of tangerine or settle in and calm your senses with our Relaxation creme, lightly scented with lavender. The Belle et Benie Body collection will have your skin feeling softer than ever and will leave you feeling rested and ready.
The feedback from our customers has been amazing so far and we love hearing the stories of how our products are helping you. We'll keep up the good work and you ladies keep up the rest of the world.

Be You, Be Loved, Be Blessed.




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