5 Unique Gifts Women Want For Christmas 2020

A Guide to finding the perfect gift for your significant other.

Published August 4th, 2021
By: Brandi Barattini

If you're having trouble thinking of a gift for your wife this year, or you just want to get a few more ideas, we've put together a list of the 5 things that are sure to impress her this year. We put together a list of affordable products that we think are truly unique. Hope this helps...

Number 5.


These are some of the most colorful and fun shoes that we've seen. The stitching along with the leather work is just so original and different that they are sure to catch eyes. With so many designs to choose from these shoes and boots are a great gift for a true fashionista. SOCOFY shoe and boots can be found for sale (HERE).

Number 4.

Mason Bee Barrel:

For the Nature Lover this barrel is so cute and attracts solitary bees to help pollinate your garden. Hang this barrel in the sun by your garden and watch as the canes get filled up with baby bees. This barrel attracts mason and leaf cutter bees that are non aggressive and cannot excavate their own holes, so they do not pose a danger to wooden housing. You can grab this for $46.99 here at Wayfair.com.

Number 3.

Custom Leggings:

You can now create Custom Collage Photo Leggings. It may sound crazy but these are way too cute! You can use up to 18 photos and you can add script too. It's an easy way make a very personalized piece to add to a girls wardrobe. You can pick these up for around $60 here at Zazzle.com.

Number 2.

Porto Vino Beverage Purse:

We all have that girl in our lives that might enjoy wine just a little more than the others. For them these purses are the ultimate gift.They come in all different colors and designs and one even has two spouts, 1 for red and 1 for white. The compartment is insulated and well disguised. This gift help everyone in the vicinity of the holder. We love it! You can find it from $60-$80 here at Amazon

Number 1.

Belle et Bénie-CBD Skin Care Products For Women:

These products are formulated with all natural ingredients and have the added benefits of CBD. From the Classic Beauty Lip Balm Collection to the Youth Serum and Relaxation Créme, you are sure to find a reasonably priced CBD Skin Care product for your loved one that will make her feel like she just came from the spa.



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